Gæougi Sygnok
'Music to Playback Lecture by!'
(ALKU 115, 2011)

180 minutes of action-packed raw Scandinavian power in a DOUBLE cassette by Gæougi Sygnok, aka Gæoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen (and friends), aka The Aarhus Warrior, aka Goodiepal.

Limited edition chrome grade DOUBLE cassette. Camouflage green.


"My dearest friends. This is Gæougi Sygnok speaking. What you are listening to now is what I call 'Music to Playback Lecture by!' And the beauty in that is that the title says it all. This is music that you can play as a backup musical input for my lectures." (from the English intro on tape 1, side 1, track 1).

Radical Computer Music has been presented frequently by Goodiepal at numerous lectures, performances and exhibitions throughout the Western world since 2007. It is fundamentally music notated, not by computer networks but for computer networks, as a gesture towards the machine and the artificial intelligence expected to develop from it.
(from the Wikipedia page for 'Radical Computer Music').