'Surreal Grind'
(ALKU 121, 2014)

Limited edition black chrome cassette, silver print.


We invited Kohei to make a tape for ALKU in May 2009. It's been a long time, but slow things are usually good, at least when it comes to amazing artists like PAINJERK. So many things have happened since 2009 in the imaginary space between PAINJERK and ALKU. Some very good, some very bad. This is one of the very good ones.

Side A of this tape contains a sample which made the duplication process more challenging than usual. Here is an excerpt of the email we got from the first factory we tried:

The audio department is working on your project today and they have come across a copyright issue. From the beginning of side A to about 08:16 and again at 32:54 there is a sample taken from P*** F****’s “M***y”. We cannot duplicate that material. Let me know if you want to submit new audio or how you would like to proceed.

ペイン・ジャーク performing in 2009 with a bandaged hand after a motorcycle accident