Felix Kubin
'Die Inhaberin des Chlorophyllmandats ├╝berwacht den Ausgleich von Licht und Schatten'
(ALKU 73, 2008)


Analog sequencer & loop shifts from the Hammerbrooklyn studios.
Limited edition green cassette.

My dear,
It's been a long time since we had our last classical soup and it was certainly a recipe for disaster. Since then some books fell out of the shelve and I've been having the same fantasy over and over: 3 days of sex with bisexual androids in the stratosphere (not too far from earth). In my dreams, my dead father has also been appearing as a ghost on parties AOR concerts. Calmly and friendlily watching me, not talking. Nobody but me sees him. And through the observation of light/shadow balance for the active plant food creation (light+photosynthesis), I've discovered my love for a species that I don't understand nor have any green thumb for.
Your photosynthesizer,
Felix Kubin