'El Camino del Hardcore'
(ALKU 83, 2012)

Limited edition book.
192 pages in full colour.


In 2009 we started working with the Gæoudjiparl on a publication featuring some of his graphic notation work. Almost three years in the making, this epic work has become a 192 page long book which includes tons of challenging theory, brutally detailed illustration, mind-bending scores, obscure links, a long conversation between the Goodiepal and Roc Jiménez de Cisneros, and loads of Scandinavian fun to further expand the Goodiepal's never-ending descent into the abyss of Radical Computer Music. The most ambitious and crazy item ever in the ALKU catalogue. As the the Aarhus Warrior says, action-packed. Hardcore!

Some of the book's materials shown in Iceland, 2012:

Colour tests and first pages at the printers' workshop:

Here is the excellent recent Parl video by Sami Sänpäkkilä: (:vimeo 44405488:)

From the El Camino del Hardcore exhibition in Copenhagen, January 2013: