Rara Avis
(ALKU 99, 2002-2016 –– phew!!)
Cassette + 64 page booklet.

Rara Avis is a collective research/fun project that recreates bird calls through autonomous synthesis systems.
It features material by Chris Brown, Oswald Berthold, Anders Dahl, Joe Gilmore, Roc Jiménez de Cisneros, Fredrik Olofsson, Tim Perkis and Peter Worth, compiled on a cassette tape and a 64 page publication featuring essays and interviews with the artists. It has also been presented as a multichannel installation in 2011 (CosmoCaixa, Barcelona) and 2016 (Entzumen Behatokia, Donostia).

The tape is tweety-yellow and comes in a yellow clear case. The booklet was offset printed on 120 gsm canary-yellow PopSet paper.


File under: fake, birds, hyperreal, uncanny valley, imitation, make-believe, fiction, total turing-test, mimesis, automata, synthesis, Disneyfication, hypercall, simulacra, generative, replication, deception.